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New EDITION 2015
June 26, 2015In The News, TestimonialsComments Off on New EDITION 2015

After 7 years we have had opportunity to upgrade the original journal in English. Here’s a peek inside at day 1’s devotion.

Retha goes HOME. 20/06/2013
June 20, 2013In The News, TestimonialsComments Off on Retha goes HOME. 20/06/2013

God has apportioned us each a number of days. They were written in His book long before we even saw our first day. Psalm 139:16
Today was the expiry date of Retha’s earth-suit, but because of Jesus – His life, His death and His resurrection – she LIVES and so we mourn our own loss and celebrate her transition into the next world.

She was a friend and prayer partner in the pattern of Epaphras, Paul’s fellow-worker and friend. She was “always labouring in prayer for others…” that they “would stand firm and complete in the will of God”. Col 4:12

Pray for us who remain behind, that we would process our loss and pain IN and WITH God.

Until next time,

June 10, 2013In The NewsComments Off on 2013

My dear and precious friend, prayer- partner and co-labourer in LITENUF, is in a dire space.

The cancer that led to RETHA making some radical changes to her toxic lifestyle 11 years ago, has returned.

The official diagnosis is bone cancer, spread to some of her organs.  Dr’s are considering radiation to shrink a particular problematic tumour, but have said that her condition is so far progressed that there is nothing to do but make her painfree and wait for the end.

In our year long battle with various symptoms that we fought on a spiritual, emotional and physical level, we eventually called in “the big guns” to help us.  This included people we have developed relationship with through our ministry.  People we refer to when LITENUF journeyers face problems that exceed our experience, or our authority. These people (from various streams of the Christian faith) are speaking with one voice on this matter.  They are all speaking LIFE and HEALING, not in the life to come, but HERE IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING.

This last week was earmarked for our annual retreat together.  A time each year when we separate ourselves from our normal routine/homes and seek the Lord for new direction or course adjustments within our small organization. Instead, we continued the same pattern of palliative care, with time for prayer, praise, communion and scripture reading.

Today Retha’s congregation sent out some members of their worship team and blessed her heart so!


December 19, 2012In The NewsComments Off on 2012 – OVERVIEW AND TIME OF REST

Video on LITENUF
April 24, 2012In The NewsComments Off on Video on LITENUF

Let this short video inspire you:


Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you ENTIRELY and may your spirit, soul and body be preserved complete and blameless at His coming. 1 Thess 5:23

Retha and I on Retreat …
May 21, 2010In The NewsComments

facilitated by Doreen and Danie Mare.

When the invitation came for this retreat I felt strongly that the Lord had an appointment with both of us.  We would be very close to the end of our 50 day prayer vigil (day 47 and 48) and we still had many unanswered questions and so we went with heart’s  full of hope and expectation.

Doreen and Danie Mare and a small team of servant-hearts hosted a most wonderful weekend. We felt that they had set a table for us on their farm in the Groot Marico district , in the kloof and on the banks of the river.  There they served us, lovingly enabling us to feast on The Bread of Life – Jesus Himself.

Usually these retreats are booked for a minimum of 8 people – we were only 5 and for the first time ever the Mare’s felt to go ahead anyway.  As a result, the Lord addressed some deeply personal issues in our individual lives.

With Retha’s permission I share that God gave a fresh revelation of His love for her that will ensure that she is never quite the same. He started a tender conversation with her spirit in our very first session and continued to speak lovingly till all her objections and resistance melted. I have noted that whenever the soul is healed, tears are the result.  As her spirit embraced this fresh wave of God’s love, her soul was touched and healed at a new level.

For me, God disciplined me and in the process taught me some new things.  Jesus said that His Spirit would be our Teacher, our Counsellor and our Comforter. He showed me that there was an unclean spirit of jealousy having an impact on my life.  He showed me how the enemy would seek people who would come into agreement with him (Matt 18 teaches the spiritual Principle of Agreement) against the call of God on my life.  Agreement would add power to his attack.  The demonic is ONLY given power over us with sin and so I asked God how this demon had gained his foothold/permission to attack certain areas of my ministry? I was convicted of being surprised (and perhaps even a little offended) at God’s appointment, favour and promotion of a certain lady in God’s service.  God showed me that my attitude of judgment not only displeased Him, but it had been a snare that I had walked into, enabling the spirit of jealousy influence over my life.  I was exposed before God and repented.  Immediately the enemy was disarmed and the Holy Spirit showed me a short list of people who had come (inadvertently) into agreement with this demonic entity with regards me and my calling.  I could forgive them, cut off the demonic influence and claim back lost territory.  I am fully persuaded that this “barren” area of my ministry is about to experience the full impact of God’s favour.  Thank you, Holy Spirit for your ongoing work of discipleship in our lives.

(Here I am playing with fruit peels on my eyes – God took some “scales” off my eyes this week! tee-hee.)

(Here’s Reet being a little girl in her Father’s house!)     

As always, we invite your comments and your feedback.  May God continue to love and disciple us all unto greater effectiveness for His Kingdom.

With love,


Litenuf turns 1!!
May 12, 2010In The NewsComments Off on Litenuf turns 1!!

Saturday 20  February 2010 marked the end of LITENUF’s  1st year of trading. It was a perfect morning for a picnic and our  “Fruititutti Do” was open to the more than 200 journeyers who have completed LIGHTEN UP or LEEF LIG to date, and also to the many friends and supporters of LITENUF who pray for, promote, sponsor and encourage us in countless, creative ways.                

40 guests followed the bright balloon trail to arrive at The Stable-Studio with a heart to celebrate the Lord. In the middle of the feast, a power-point presentation highlighted some of what God did last year and what we perceive Him to be saying to us for this coming year. Together we reveled in His faithfulness and great patience with us individually and as a baby kingdom- enterprise.

The rest of the morning we spent swopping colourful stories of His upgrade in our lives. Stories of kilograms lost, destructive mindsets that are history and new growth that is crisp with promise.  I saw on more than one occasion how a paper serviette doubled as a Kleenex.

Apart from the good-God treats there was a lavish cheese and carrot cake on offer and a table of wheat- and sugar-free treats for those who were still in their fast. Again we thank all those who came, those who sent emails and sms’s and those who continue to believe in us and what we do.

May the Lord be “permissioned” in many more lives this coming year as Retha and I endeavour  to hear and obey  the Holy Spirit in our apportioned  fraction of His vineyard.  May He give LITENUF opportunity to expose more and more to the principles of wellness, God’s way. All Glory to Him who…supplies seed to the sower and bread for food, may He multiply our seed for sowing and increase the harvest of our righteousness; that we will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God. (11 Cor. 9:10)