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July 16, 2015EventsComments Off on LITENUF & FIT FOR PRAISE RETREAT 2015

The weather was bitterly cold on the 4, 5 and 6 June 2015 BUT the company of The Holy Spirit was warm, as was the fellowship with the 20 delegates who gathered at The Stable-Studio!


We looked at TIME (chronos: seconds, minutes, hours etc AND
kiaros: a God appointed moment) and discussed how to live in CHRONOS with our hearts set to KIAROS.

We also looked at the 3 appointments GOD booked annually with His people as a clue to what they reveal about The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

Thanks to the team who served seamlessly –
I loved teaming with you!

You taught us and led us into an encounter –
lest our knowledge make us religious!

Grateful. Again.

Spring Retreat: 31August & 1September 2013
July 23, 2013EventsComments Off on Spring Retreat: 31August & 1September 2013










Spring Retreat 2013

Discover your REDEMPTIVE design and maximize your kingdom effectiveness!
This is one of the most empowering teachings available to the Body of Christ.

Biblical teaching, good company and delicious refreshments.
Special rates for FRIENDS OF LITENUF.

Limited accommodation for out-of-towners.

Email Viv:


Another great Litenuf Event
February 14, 2011EventsComments Off on Another great Litenuf Event

Viv and Reet invite you to join us for another morning
of fellowship and coffee.

Come and hear Stephen Herzig share his valuable insights on cultivating a potent inner life. Stephen and Anita have been involved with Litenuf since inception as a mentor and his practical, down–to-earth approach will bless and equip you.

Saturday, 9 April


At The Stable Studio

RSVP before 7 April

There is no charge but come prepared to contribute to a love offering!


Stephen has been involved in full time Christian work since 1974. He and his wife, Anita, worked with Youth With A Mission as a missionaries from 1974 and later joined Church of The Nations at its inception in 1979. They have lived on 3 continents and have been involved in all aspects of church life and leadership.

Stephen was born and raised in the UK. He has a B.A. degree in Political Sciences from Pretoria University. He has an international prophetic teaching ministry and serves as catalyst, consultant and networker for Kingdom communities whether established or new, and with all those who share his heart.

One plus One = great fun!
August 5, 2010EventsComments Off on One plus One = great fun!

Frans Cronje was our first guest speaker at a LITENUF event and he did not disappoint.  He has the ability to take a sensitive subject and handle it with just the right mix of reverence and humour.  Here are a couple of pics of LITENUFERS and their guests.

Frans presented the facts with a great power-point presentation.

Getting the circulation going at half-time…..

…..bend, stretch, bend, stretch….

Bonita en haar man met lekker filter koffie.

Jakes en Doreen  geniet die vars lemoensap na die tyd.

Emmie en haar man by die “lunch tafel”.

Heleen, Ian en Marina

Tania en Gunther

Carl and Vanessa and Deon

Anton, Lizelle en Tania.

Christiaan, baby Mikayla en Linda.

Maria teaches LITENUF cooking class! by Viv Heath
June 24, 2010EventsComments Off on Maria teaches LITENUF cooking class! by Viv Heath

Healthy eating

Our first Litenuf Cooking Class

Maria  is one of those amazing women in our country who has raised her sons alone.   Over the years she has built them a home and continues to care for her own family AS WELL AS my family!   She has been a very loved member of our household since Christopher was just a toddler (now 21) and has grown and adapted with us as my knowledge of nutrition has improved.

Last week I had a LITENUFER, a working mom, lamenting that she did not have the time to teach her housekeeper these new recipes and that they were probably going to revert back to old ways as soon as her 40 days of LIGHTEN UP were over. I was crushed.  I knew that the kilos she had lost would be back in no time.  I knew the level of antioxidants she now sported would soon be history.  With every LITENUFER who completes their journey with us, we are hoping and praying and coaching for permanent upgrade!

The next morning Maria and I spoke and decided that perhaps she could teach a new healthy meal alternative on each Wednesday morning.  5 Wednesday mornings, mean 5 new healthy meal alternatives.  This morning my rather mini kitchen was a hive of activity and learning. We invited another LITENUFER  (Thandiwe ) and so I bought the ingredients for all three families and the three of them prepared it together. What they made today was:

For this recipe you can work on 2 filleted chicken breasts per person.
12 chicken breasts cut into chunky bite-size bits
2 big packs of  fresh broccoli
olive oil
lemon juice
2 Tbl butter
between 1/2 and 1 cup of rye flour
750 ml of low fat milk
3 egg yolks
1Tbl mustard
salt to taste
cheese to grate over casserole
Fry the chicken bits in olive oil with the lemon juice. Salt lightly while stirring until cooked and lightly browned.
Steam or cook broccoli in very little rapidly boiling water until tender.  Rather under cook than overcook.
Dissolve/whisk the rye with one cup of cold milk.  Melt the butter and add 2 cups of you milk. Mix together and stir as it heats through and thickens. Beat into the cooked sauce your egg yolks.  Add salt, mustard and black pepper.
Layer the chicken and the broccoli in a casserole dish.  Pour over your rye sauce. Grate cheese over the top and bake for 20 minutes to cook egg through.
180 degree C.
Serve with gems or pumpkin or butternut.
For pudding they stuffed some cored Golden Delicious Apples with a mixture of dates and pecan nuts.  Baked in the oven with the above dinner at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.  Served with fresh cream or double thick plain yogurt.

Well done Maria!  You are a star.  Emily and Thandiwe – we will see you next week and learn how to hide all kinds of great nutrition in a humble mince dish!

Litenuf Event
June 11, 2010EventsComments Off on Litenuf Event

This invitation is extended to all LITENUFERS and their guests.  Diarize the 1st of August and plan to spend this relaxed Sunday morning with us at our offices @ The Stable-Studio.  Frans Cronje is a sought-after speaker, on this and other relational subjects. He is a great communicator and  this particular talk and power-point presentation is suitable for singles and marrieds.  Please note that the  content is geared towards adults and older teens. He will cover God’s original intention with sex, God’s boundaries and the differences between men and women.

There is not charge for the event as it is part of LITENUF’s passion to keep investing in our members’ lives.  However, an offering will be taken as a gift to our speaker – so please come prepared.

Because light refreshments will be served, we ask you to RSVP before or by  the 29th of July.

Retha and I look forward to your company!

Presentation Dates
May 28, 2010Events, Presentation DatesComments Off on Presentation Dates


“Presentations” was the strategy Holy Spirit gave right at the beginning of LITENUF’s existence.

Based on Ecc 11: 6 Sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle in the evening, for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed, or whether both of them alike will be good.

So based on that, we PRESENTED the concept of the LIGHTEN UP journey at our offices – evenings and mornings. It was a successful strategy for that season.

We no longer do routine PRESENTATIONS at our offices, but are open to invitations.

Should you be interested in having us visit your group to speak on:




….please contact us on