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September 8, 2011Testimonials

When i first began my LITENUF journey i really did not think i would survive more than a week HONESTLY i was so used to my horrible eating habits that life without sugar and wheat almost seemed impossible, that’s how dependent i was on sugar. I could not even began to imagine how life would be like without chocolate and KFC lol.. I did not only decide to join the journey for physical gain but mostly for spiritual guidance, my life was in a bit of a turmoil job-wise and my relationship with God was pretty non-existent and i just felt horrible.

During my journey it felt like the world was moving in slow motion and the Lord was just revealing Himself in my life in ways i had NEVER experienced him, it was amazing to feel emotional, spiritual and physical weight slowly lift of my life. There are no words that can even begin to describe the way i still feel. On this journey i have cried, laughed, sweat, smiled, glowed and feared all in one go in 40 days. It has been a huge stepping stone for my spiritual journey and it makes sense when it comes to my health. Since i began the journey i have not been able to stop and i am not planning on stopping, i feel wonderful. I made a conscious decision from the beginning of the journey not to weigh myself due to my love/hate relationship with the scale. And i have lost weight most of my clothes are loose and alot of people have told me i look like i’ve lost a few kilos. I am beginning to love myself again and it feels amazing! Vivienne and Retha have provided an amazing guideline that has brought me so much joy. Your support, grace, loving and God-fearing nature has made this programme more than just a detox/fast. From the bottom of my heart i thank you.

God bless you!!


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