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June 10, 2013In The News

My dear and precious friend, prayer- partner and co-labourer in LITENUF, is in a dire space.

The cancer that led to RETHA making some radical changes to her toxic lifestyle 11 years ago, has returned.

The official diagnosis is bone cancer, spread to some of her organs.  Dr’s are considering radiation to shrink a particular problematic tumour, but have said that her condition is so far progressed that there is nothing to do but make her painfree and wait for the end.

In our year long battle with various symptoms that we fought on a spiritual, emotional and physical level, we eventually called in “the big guns” to help us.  This included people we have developed relationship with through our ministry.  People we refer to when LITENUF journeyers face problems that exceed our experience, or our authority. These people (from various streams of the Christian faith) are speaking with one voice on this matter.  They are all speaking LIFE and HEALING, not in the life to come, but HERE IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING.

This last week was earmarked for our annual retreat together.  A time each year when we separate ourselves from our normal routine/homes and seek the Lord for new direction or course adjustments within our small organization. Instead, we continued the same pattern of palliative care, with time for prayer, praise, communion and scripture reading.

Today Retha’s congregation sent out some members of their worship team and blessed her heart so!


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