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Break your weight plateau with INTERMITTENT FASTING

October 24, 2015Articles

All the greats of the Bible were fasters.  Actually MANY world-changers in history, were habitual fasters. And for those of you who are doing all you can, (see the website for the 7 basics of wellness) BUT your weight is not shifting and you are still a distance from your God-given “original design” – I want to suggest that THIS might be your missing key.

Discussed in the LIGHTEN UP journal on day 21, intermittent fasting is the biblical two-meal-a-day pattern.  Another very effective introduction to this concept, is to keep fasting until lunchtime.   Hopefully you’ve replaced “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” in your head, with “eat only when hungry”, but the 16:8 pattern, which is keeping your night fast for 16 hours and then resuming normal, healthy REAL food eating for the other 8, is in fact another simple way to break a weight plateau. Keep drinking water.  Add a squeeze of lemon if you like.  I even drink the odd cup of coffee to kick start my day, but no solid food. Ideally your fluids should be without calories, but even with a milked coffee, the results have been good.  

Warning: If you are still addicted to sugar then this is not recommended.  (PF) Partial Fasting ie full abstinence of sugar, is the 101 of FASTING and should not be preceded by (IF) intermittent fasting.  Your hunger and cravings will just be enhanced! This is exactly why we only introduce it in the LIGHTEN UP program on day 21, once your sugar dependence is broken. But if you’re free of your sugar addiction, give IF a go and let me know how you get on!
God bless your efforts to be the best version of YOU as you partner with The Holy Spirit.

This article was extracted from LITENUF news Sept/Oct 2015Fasting (resized)

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