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May 9, 2010

Why this program?
I’ve seen over the years how a small adjustment can make a huge difference. Think of a map. When you set off in a particular direction, being just one degree off course can make a vast difference to your ultimate destination. I am of the opinion that our number of days or the length of our lives, is in the Lord’s hands. I am also of the opinion that our daily choices have a dramatic influence over the quality of those days. Regularly evaluating your health and making even minor adjustments can vastly improve the quality of your life. We don’t have the power to add a single moment to our lives but we do have the power to maximize the life in those moments.

Why 40 Days?
40 throughout the Bible, represents a period of testing. This book represents a 40 day journey, designed to test some basic foundations and mindsets, both spiritual and physical. It’s a journey designed to expose lies you might have believed or destructive habits you might have adopted. It’s designed to help you cleanse body, soul and spirit and upgrade your health status, even if in the smallest way.