Lighten Up knowing Jesus we have EVERYTHING we need for this life and the next... 2 Peter 1:3
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I want to start? 
A: You simply complete an Application on the website and submit it to our office.  Within 24 hours you will have our
response and together we will agree on how to get your Starter Pack which includes your journal and manual
(LIGHTEN UP or LEEF LIG) to you as quickly as possible. We have journeyed successfully with people as far away
as Dubai and The Ukraine! 

Q : Do you sell a book?

A: We sell a program that includes a manual, a 40day journal, our daily availability and support
  (via email) for 40 days and a starter pack/gift.  The life change is priceless! As a limited offer for 2016, our books
will be available for sale. Please see the page Limited Offer 2016 for more details

Q:  Who is the program for?
A:  Many people would love to upgrade their lifestyles but need a helping hand.  We offer this as we “second/support”
them daily, on their 40 days.  Many people KNOW  the principles associated with wellness BUT lack the confidence or motivation to make a start. This program is the 40 day start to a new life and a new body.  

Q: Why 40 days particularly?
A:  Biblically, denotes a time of testing.  40 days is a “do-able” period of time for most people.  It is long enough to get
a taste of what the upgrade feels like and also long enough to establish some of these upgrades as lifestyle. 
We have countless testimonies of lives (and bodies) changed – not just for a while- but forever!

Q:  Just weight loss?
A:  Because it is a cleansing of body, soul and spirit it is for anyone who longs for more.  Some people do it for a period
of deeper focus on God.  Others do it for weight loss.  Some do it because they recognize that their lives require
upgrading but they cannot manage on their own.  Don’t know where to start.  They need help to get going.
The results are usually what they expected AND so much more!  Because the body, soul and spirit are integrated so magnificently by God, upgrade in any one area of your life impacts the whole person, profoundly.

Q:  Can you do it again?
A:  As often as you like.  Each time you do it, you will keep something of the upgrade, forever,  as lifestyle.

Q:  How can you SELL something that God freely gave/taught you?
A:  To really support and pray for large numbers of people on the journey requires time.  We had to put a value on
my time and hire someone to assist with the admin associated with offering a service of excellence. We give away
a great deal of time in teaching and one-on-one counselling.  For the price of a good set of heels or a day at a spa,
you could do this journey and help us support our missionaries. 

Q:  Does God care that I am overweight?
A:  Excess weight impacts our health, our psyche, our confidence.  Yes, God cares.

Q:  Is it all about being thin?
A:  Absolutely not! It’s all about being well and having Godly balance in your life.  Some thin people are very unhealthy. 
The enemy doesn’t care if you’re too thin or too fat.  As long as you remain “too” something.  That way  your focus will
be on yourself and you will not walk in the fullness of what  God has for you.

Q: I am chronically medicated.  Can I still do this 40 day journey?
Yes of course.  We advise you to stay on any medication prescribed by your doctor and should your health improve
to the point where the meds are no longer necessary, then you can discuss that with your physician and he will make
the changes.

Q: This sounds like it will be too difficult to do.  Am I setting myself up for failure - again?

Anytime we intend to upgrade, all our past failures come flooding to mind.  LITENUF is entry-level health. 
It is neither complicated nor expensive.  It is a call back to simplicity.  It is HIGHLY DO ABLE and so empowering.
Refuse to be paralysed by your past!

Q: Where can I get good recipes to implement during my 40 day journey?
Recipes will be supplied when you join our wonderful lifestyle programme.
This little booklet of recipes is included in your Starter Pack and contains the original 35 LITENUF recipes
PLUS 23 new, easy ideas from LITENUFERS all over the world.

Q: I don’t know if I can do without sugar for 40 days?

Join the thousands of people who have managed to successfully fast of sugar for 40 days.  Retrain those renegade
taste buds. Experience the renewal of energy, appetite control and vitality.  Even after your 40 sugarless days,
we believe that sugar should be reserved only for High days and Holidays, celebrations and feasts.

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