Lighten Up knowing Jesus we have EVERYTHING we need for this life and the next... 2 Peter 1:3
Lighten Up Book Cover


Where your heart is there will your treasure also be

Jesus spoke these words – I’ve heard many sermons on this line, but one of the meanings I’ve come to embrace as
part of Jesus’ intent is:  Follow the trail of where you invest your money (treasure) and there you will find your passion
(heart).  Put another way:  What you spend your resources (money, energy, time) on, will be a fairly accurate indication
of what you are genuinely all about.

Since inception (2009) LITENUF has invested in MISSIONS, more specifically two WOMEN whose lives are invested in serving GOD in ISRAEL and urban RUNAWAY boys, respectively.

So every person who has ever done LIGHTEN, TIGHTEN or BRIGHTEN UP, or attended any of our annual RETREATS,
you have partnered with us to support them.