Lighten Up knowing Jesus we have EVERYTHING we need for this life and the next... 2 Peter 1:3
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Litenuf will be taking a sabbatical break from intensive coaching for the remainder of 2016. it is because of this reason that now, for the first time ever and for a limited period only, the books will be available for sale on their own.

After 9 years since we launched this work, I am taking a year off.  During this time our books (on their own) are for sale. 
Here is the series.  Available while stocks last.

Lighten UP! 
The revised journey of spirit, soul and body designed to bring your body and soul under the rulership of your spirit. 
This is God’s Life-giving order. 
40 days of intentional living , fasting of sugar and wheat and ordering the other 6 areas that have the greatest impact
on our health and wellness.

Price: R300,00 excl postage

Tighten UP!
This is another 40 day manual specifically for engaged or married couples or individuals. 
Every single marriage
should be a  work in progress and TIGHTEN UP looks at your foundations, your mindsets
and some of the traps the enemy would love to ensnare you in! God created us for connectedness – it’s one of the
ways that we reflect HIM. READ MORE

Price: R250,00 excl postage

Brighten UP!
is a 40 day journey for parenting hearts. Raising children is simultaneously one of the most rewarding and terrifying tasks.  With extended families being more fragmented and spread all over the world than ever before, more moms and dads
find themselves navigating their task of parenting alone. This 40 day journey is a very encouraging, practical devotional especially written for those who are parenting young hearts.  
Anticipate that God – The Ultimate Father -  will meet you, equip you AND Brighten Up your parenting experience.

We hope to launch the book towards the latter part of 2016. Kindly send us your request, then we can contact you with
more detail when the book is released.

Please contact us to order
Vivienne Heath
Cell: 082 553 3018

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