Lighten Up knowing Jesus we have EVERYTHING we need for this life and the next... 2 Peter 1:3
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More about Vivienne

If you’re considering committing yourself to one of our 40 day journeys, you might want to know a little about me.
I am in my mid 50’s. I have one husband, 3 married children and one delightful grandbaby.
I have no certified qualifications except a drivers licence. But I have a passion to see The Body of Christ live an example
that provokes the rest of the world to want to know JESUS. I believe that when God designed each one of us there was
an Original Design Plan. Poor lifestyle choices have caused us to mutate! I’m persuaded that God cares deeply for us
and that He desires to redeem us spirit, soul and even body. Having said that I know that our souls and spirits will outlive these bodies.
So … I’m not prepared to order my life around the preservation of my body.  I simply want to treat it with respect and some common sense. I DO desire to order my life around loving the God Who first loved me.  The God Who expressed His extravagant love by sending His Son to earth for me. The God in whose image I am made and whose image I am
designed to reflect.

I encourage you to believe God for a bit more than you currently do – spirit, soul and body.  Take on the challenge of a
partial fast for 40 days that will leave you lighter on the scale, illuminated on the inside and more in love with God.

Where did it start?

The programme was written in 2006 in direct response to my daughter’s desperate plea for me to help her bring some
order and balance into her life after she had spent a year in London. She was 9kg’s heavier than she had ever been, was battling to control her Candida and was consistently feeling below par. At that point I had no idea that God wanted to use
the material more widely. I simply seized the God-given opportunity to influence my precious daughter in 40 different ways and prayerfully began to write.
I have always had this heartfelt desire: to see myself and others in God’s household, move from survival-mode on so
many issues, into a place of enough wellness to take our focus off ourselves and get on with walking in our individual callings and collectively seeing God’s Kingdom becoming more and more established in the earth. 
I invite you to email me with any questions you may have. 

PS – t hat’s Jess (my daughter) on the cover of the English manual. 

Fit for Praise

Vivienne started Fit for Praise in 1992.  An aerobic, dance class with fitness, strength and flexibility in mind. 
A workout that uses the body as an instrument of expression for praise, declaration, prayer and worship. 
For training or choreography DVD’s contact Judy.



Vivienne Heath of Litenuf Ministries has been a lecturer at the Lewende Woord Bible College Counselling Course for the past four years. She is a true blessing to the students as she ministers on the topic of Body-Mind-Spirit-Connection. Her teachings are not only Word based, but also very practical, down to earth and anointed. The highlight of the lecture time is always the 45 minute aerobics workout. Her research, preparation, powerpoint presentation and students notes are very thorough and well balanced. I would highly recommend Vivienne as a Minister of the Gospel and a living example of her speciality field.

 I met Vivienne approximately 23 years ago as a Fit for Praise instructor, where I grew to trust both the nuggets of truth
taught as we were panting, and her heart for ministry.  A few years into 13thFLOOR (then C-Kruis) we realized a couple
of our dancers were struggling with eating disorders and, knowing Vivienne’s testimony, brought her in to share, to teach and to minister, resulting in life change for these girls.  Since then Vivienne has been a regular teacher at 13thFLOOR, teaching on nutrition, on hearing God’s voice and growing an intimate relationship with Jesus, and lately on redemptive
gifts. She has been greatly appreciated by students and training staff alike over many years. Vivienne is an anointed
teacher, teaching with the authority that comes from living the truth she presents.  13thFLOOR Training is honoured to partner with her.
Annette Fourie -13thFLOOR: Director Training & Counselling


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